Clinical Optimization increases provider satisfaction and staff productivity.

By automating clinical processes, the Clinical Optimization application in WoundSuite fosters the Healogics® Patient Care Process, a six-sigma lean productivity process used in each Wound Care Center®. It opens more time for meaningful patient interaction by eliminating the arduous and time-consuming paper processes built around EMRs. Because Clinical Optimization presents the essential patient information, physicians can go through medical surveillance, a process designed to monitor patient healing, with case managers before ever walking into a patient’s room.

The Clinical Optimization software is rooted in evidence-based medicine and provides guidance and support for achieving the best clinical metrics and quality.

  • Strategic scheduling for improved workflow
  • Productivity planning
  • Pre-clinic huddles
  • Intake and discharge assignments
  • Staff communication
  • Physician/case manager collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary Care Management Guide (ICMG)
  • Medical Surveillance Review (MSR) Process

Bring Automation to Your Clinical Processes

See how Clinical Optimization can increase provider satisfaction and productivity by bringing automation to your clinical processes.

Narrator: High quality, evidence based wound care begins before the patient checks in. And preparation takes time the care team often doesn’t have. When you add complications like disconnected patient records, and the need to optimize staff resources, it becomes even more difficult to keep operations running smoothly. Delays not only affect operating efficiency, and staff satisfaction, they can have an impact on patient experience and outcomes.

Nurse: With an automated medical surveillance review dashboard for each patient on the list, our morning huddles are much more productive. I get data summaries for each patient, along with the ability to drill down at a touch. Which makes it easier for our team to collaborate, and make sure that we have the right solutions and services ready and available when the patients are.

Narrator: With Healogics® clinical optimization software, providers can anticipate these challenges, and provide the best experience to every patient at every visit.

Even in a well-run wound care center, the staff spends a good portion of time collection and reviewing multiple documents to get a complete picture of the patient and their care.

Doctor: This new tool gives me a clear and complete vision into the patient’s history and progress, allowing me to assess and recommend the best treatment plan. And because it’s clearly organized and intuitive, I have all the answers I need at my fingertips. Being able to share easy to understand data, updated photos, and wound healing progress with my patients, helps them understand how critical their role is in their own healing process.


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